søndag den 9. august 2015

Jutlandia cup 2015

This years week competition was very exiting for me, but also a bit sad.......
At jutlandia each person could only run 5 runs per day, a bit irritating when you have more than 1 dog, because you have to choose between your dogs, who should run what ??

I actually then thought of going to Norway, because then I could run all girls max. runs per day!
And when Movie could get her debut, it was important for me to actually run with her :) BUT I looove running the 2 other dogs, so I hate that I have to choose... But the I saw that Movie couldn't compete the first 2 days in Norway, because she was to young, and then it didn't matter...
Prima was sick earlier this year and have had a easy start in her comeback... So I took the dicison that Prima only should run the qualification runs to final, and Cider 1 class and the qualifcation run, and then Movie the 2 class runs per day...

I had some great runs that week, great courses, good legs, good dogs!!
Ciders results whole week:

Primas results whole week:

VERY PROUD to say that Prima and Cider won the qualification (åben) runs all week !

Movie had many great sequences, a lot of weave mistakes, and in the end of the week I started to not only fix the weaves, but then take the sequense, to get her to understad she had to take the weave in high speed! (Because it's no problem in training, she has to try harder in competition also!)
She got more and more confident all week, and put up the speed, so that was fun to try to keep up ;)
I really enjoy running wth her, can't wait to get to know her better! She for sure is very much like her mom, she really likes running.....
 I HAVE TO learn her to turn a bit more tight, and not only run fast ;) This will be an exiting journey!
Her the first agility pictures of my Moviestar <3 br="">

Here my girlies agility videos :



Can't belive she already started competition, she was just a little puppy....

And started training just a while ago:

Can't wait for many more years to come :D